sun rise on the ocean

A True Escape to Nature with Eco-friendly Solar Power.

  • Enjoy continued peace and tranquillity without the hassle of electricity outages!
  • Beachhaven offers eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to the load shedding and electricity issues in South Africa by harnessing solar power with backup from an inverter.
  • Almost all appliances including the fridge, freezer, fans, lights, TV and internet will seamlessly continue to be powered throughout load shedding.
  • Guests may have to alter their use of energy during electricity blackouts. We recommend reducing the use of power-hungry appliances like dishwashers and washing machines during load shedding to preserve power in case of extended outages.
  •  The stove and air-cons will not be powered by our eco-friendly power alternatives during load shedding. Instead,  a portable gas hob and a braai / barbecue are available for self-catering when mains electricity fails.
  • Ceiling fans, standing fans and natural sea breezes will also help keep guests cool during load-shedding!
  • Prince's Grant is an eco-estate with an abundance of wildlife from antelope to vervet monkeys living within its preserved natural coastal habitat.